Pedro better known as AMOS is a Miami native who launched his graffiti career in 1994. His art originated in the streets of his hometown, "getting’ up” any and everywhere possible. After several years of fine tuning, AMOS subsequently took his passion for graffiti to freight trains, transporting his name and unique style from one end of the continent to the other. AMOS’s affinity for creating fresh graffiti has taken him across the world leaving his name in places such as Paris, Detroit, Costa Rica, Brazil, and New York City, to name a few. AMOS’s approach to the use of color & distinct letter style  has earned him the respect and admiration of peers in both the immediate and distant graffiti world.

AMOS has since evolved into a professional muralist and artist, walking the line between traditional graffiti, abstract expressionism and pop art. He has cleverly extracted elements of his unique style and experience with graffiti and combined it with a pop-fauvist color palette with a heterogeneous, upbeat aesthetic. He has painted scenic backgrounds for TV shows, commercials and films. AMOS is also a producer for the movie VANDAL, a feature film about graffiti in Miami, due to release in 2018. He is co-founder and owner of Miamis Best Graffiti Guide L.L.C., a tour company in Wynwood that provides in insiders look at the street art culture, the art and people behind it.

AMOS is the authentic voice of a self taught artist of a sub-culture that was shunned and is now admired. From humble beginnings and with much perseverance -vis a vis AMOS!